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The All-New

Learn2Earn Program

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Discover and Master How You Can Learn2Earn Millions Step by Step!

Create a Big Vision

Transform your dreams and burning desires into a clear VISION, design a workable PLAN, and take massive ACTION.

Become Your Own Boss

You can start from rock-bottom as an Employee and still become a Top Executive or become a Managerial Leader or start your own venture as an Entrepreneur.

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Find inspiring Role-models, Mentors, Strategic Advisors, and Join SK Mastermind.

Connect, Collaborate and Network

Become a Life-time Member, Connect with Experts, Collaborate with Partners, and Network to acquire New Clients.

SK Lifestyle Strategy 2021

Achieve 10X Growth x 10X Income = 100X Success!

Target to Achieve Level 1 to 6 in 2 Years! 

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LIFE 2.0: Luxury | Independence | Freedom | Empowerment

What Do You Want In Life Right Now?

Pick From The Top 12 Desires In Life…

#1 Money

Do you want to become rich and successful? Do you want to earn huge money to buy what you want in life? 

#2 Relationship

Do you want to find the love of your life? Do you want to meet people and make meaningful friendships in life? Do you build long-lasting relationships? Lets make it happen.

Power to control everything!

The power to control everything is intriguing in discussions about superhuman abilities.

Self-Love: Looks and feel great 

Self-love involves accepting and caring for oneself, boosting self-esteem and happiness.

Recognition and Credentials

Acknowledgement and credentials are crucial for showcasing knowledge and achievements.

Luxury Lifestyle You Deserve

Limited financial resources experience abundance through simple pleasures and gratitude.

Wealth and Abundance 

Individuals with limited financial resources experience abundance through simple pleasures and gratitude.

Peace and Happiness 

World turmoil demands peace, happiness, and focusing on tasks beyond personal desires.

Freedom of time and money

Limited time and money can cause frustration and unhappiness when obligations hinder our dreams and goals.

Lead an Independent Life

Individuals desire independent lives, courage, and the determination to control destiny.

Social Acceptance 

Nurturing social acceptance requires understanding individual beliefs, values, and thought processes.

Legend: Leave a Legacy!

Legends often label extraordinary feats, but every step counts in leaving a legacy.

It's time to start a New LIFE 2.0

Everyone deserves a second chance but not all of them make it happen. If you want to rewrite your destiny, it’s definitely possible. You just have to believe in yourself. You must make a firm decision to START A NEW LIFE 2.0 – that’s filled with Luxury | Independence | Freedom | Empowerment.


It's easier to live a luxurious life than you might think. Simple changes to your daily routine, breaking those bad habits and learning that it's ok to put yourself first lead to more freedom, space, better relationships, quality products and a luxury lifestyle.


Every time your trust was shaken, you probably thought of becoming independent. So, your thoughts of independence, most likely, stemmed from disappointment. Now! It's time to be independent of all.


Freedom of time and money. Ability to travel and do what you want, whenever you want. Achieving financial freedom is a goal for many people. Set life goals, both big and small, financial and lifestyle, and create a blueprint for achieving those goals.


Whether it’s art, academia, writing, tech, fashion, career, love, money, charity, animals, food, reading, etc find something that you love and care about. It's time to "Empower Yourself and Stay Positive" at all times!
Vision | Plan | Action

In just 10 steps, you can learn to master the secret of your success! Introducing VPA for everyone…


Find Your Purpose and Passion

Examine yourself, explore desires, evaluate preferences, and experience passion-driven drive.

Define What's Success To You!

Success varies in perception, encompassing financial security, personal goals, and aura.

Balance SIX Pillars of Life

Advocates for a holistic strategy addressing six essential aspects of life for individual satisfaction.

Discover 10 Levels of Success & VPA

Prepare yourself for your intended path by bridging the gap between your existing talents and those that are needed.

Build Your Success Foundation (Level 1)

Adopt a growth-oriented mindset and view challenges as stepping stones, not overnight changes.

Achieve Personal Success (Level 2)

Explore questions in this expert guide for unlocking potential and personal success.
Achieve Level 10 Success!

Become a Legend and Leave a Legacy!

Discover how to leave a lasting legacy and become a legend by bridging the gaps between talents and skills.

The Last 4 Steps to Succeed...

7. Achieve Career Success

Career success requires consistent effort, determination, and strategic planning.

8. Earn Professional Success (Level 4)

Professional success varies by individual, goals, industry norms, and societal expectations.

9. Entrepreneurial Success (Level 5)

Explore key entrepreneurial success insights, gain experience, and start your journey.

10. Earn Financial Success (Level 6)

Improve financial literacy by understanding concepts like compound interest.

LIFE 2.0 Mastery:

Three Things That’ll Transform Your life. Learn2Earn | VPA | The Vision Planner

A New Method To Achieve Your Desired RESULTS!


Learn2Earn Millions – will teach you how to get rich and successful no matter where you are in life today!

VPA Handbook

VPA is your accountability partner to help you “Become a 10X Visionary” by creating a Big Vision for life.

Vision Planner

Your accountability partner will help you “define a clear VISION, design a Perfect PLAN, and take Massive ACTION.”

The Success Cycle by Tony Robbins

Belief - Potential - Action - Results

The Success Cycle by Shaan Kaye

Belief - Vision - Plan - Action - 10X Results

Money! Money!! Money!!!

Chase Your Dream, Not Money!

No Pain! No Gain!

Hustle Hard Until You Get.

No Success Without Sacrifice!

– Shaan Kaye

Grow From Rock Bottom To Rock Star: Anyone can start as an Employee and Become a Top Executive such as Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, and Satya Nandella, CEO of Microsoft. VPA and Perseverance will get you there!


Become an Indispensable Employee. Choose a 10X Growth Career. Learn2Earn How To Reach The Top!


Become Your Own Boss. Create a 10X Vision and explore multiple sources of Active and Passive Income.


You may start as a Manager and eventually become a Senior Management Executive. You will achieve 10X Income in just few years!


Launch a Disruptive Business Model with Creative Innovation. Become a Billion Dollar Unicorn Startup! Yes, You Can Do It.

Attain Level 3 Success: 10X Career

Careers 360: Choose a Career that gives you 10X Growth!

You Become, What You Believe!

Turn your wounds into wisdom.
The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.
You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.
Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.
Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.
The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.
Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.
Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

Quotes from – Oprah Winfrey

Top Five 10X Careers

You must choose the Top Careers that have 10X growth opportunities along with 10X Income possibilities in just 5-10 years. Ensure the payscale and growth prospects are high if you are extremely talented, skilled, and willing to succeed. You can start from rock bottom and become a rockstar / top executive.

#1 Careers in Emerging Tech: Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics (RPA), Blockchain, Virtual Reality & AR, Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, and 5G Etc.

#2 Careers in Information Tech: Cloud computing (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud), SalesForce, SAP Suite, ERP Application, IS Security, High-end Networking, DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Developers Etc.

#3 Medical & Healthcare: Physicians and Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioner, Speech-Language Pathologist, Dentist, Veterinarian, Orthodontist.

#4 Media & Entertainment: Digital Marketing Professionals, Advertising

#5 Media & Entertainment: Digital Marketing Professionals, Advertising

Discover | Learn | Master

What's Inside Learn2Earn Program?

Inspire Vision

01. Dreaming Big

Big dreams serve as a motivational powerhouse. They set the tone for our actions, shaping our decisions and lifestyles. Dreaming big compels us to conquer new heights, promoting both personal and professional growth.

Create a Plan

02. Realize the Reality

To have an honest, realistic assessment of situations, one must let go of illusions, engage in mindfulness practices, and experience the real world free from social training, prejudices, or emotions.

Take Massive Action

03. Chase Your Dream

The path towards realizing your dreams is not always easy; it frequently resembles a steep ascent. It’s demanding, difficult, and, at times, completely overwhelming. Enjoy the journey, and keep in mind that every step you take will bring you closer to your goal.

Join Mastermind

04. Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t something that comes and goes on a whim; rather, it’s found in the everyday beauty surrounding us. Change your perspective, delve into the world around you, and truly seek out the blessings.

Launch Your Startup!

05. Become Your Own Boss

Every day, thousands of people consider the appealing concept of working for themselves. This idea of entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to create a job specifically customized to your passions, in addition to offering enormous freedom and flexibility.

Choose The Top Careers

06. Career Development Roadmap

That gives you obvious direction and gives your work life a sense of purpose, allowing you to have a well-defined career growth path. A career development roadmap is essential since it is comforting to think about having a clear career path ahead of you.

Earn Credentials!

07. Get Recognition

You must first prove your competence in order to receive recognition. Work hard to be the best in your profession and demonstrate your abilities to everyone! Take charge of the situation, be proactive, and make possibilities for yourself.

Skills to Develop

08. Gain Skills to Succeed

The ability to think analytically will distinguish you from others, not the content of your thoughts. Therefore, having excellent analytical abilities is essential for coming to wise conclusions and resolving difficult issues.

11 forms of iSuccess

09. The Secret of Success

Success stories all across the world are based on hard work, a positive outlook, the capacity for adaptation and perseverance, and, of course, passion. Without a strong sense of passion for your work, reaching success may seem like an uphill struggle.

Passive Income Sources

10. The Science of Making Money

Wealth management involves maintaining and growing wealth through diversifying investments, mitigating risks, protecting investments from market fluctuations, and achieving higher long-term returns.

Grow Your Network

11. Connect & Learn from Leaders

Change is the only constant in the rapidly changing world of today. It necessitates an active pursuit of development, creativity, and learning. Communities and professional organizations offer great venues for connecting and exchanging ideas between professionals.

Learn How To Get Rich

12. Become Rich & Successful

Everyone aspires to be successful. The million-dollar issue is, however, how many actually achieve wealth and success. Do not worry. This manual can help you find the solution to this riddle and show you the way to wealth and success. So let’s get started!

Introducing 10 Levels of Success: A Patent Pending Success Strategy!

Achieve Level-10-Success

designed simply and tailored specially for you.

The Myth of Master

You need to invest 10,000 hours or more to achieve Level-10-Success! Let’s explore what you gotta do and how you gotta do it!

Introducing the 10 Levels of Success

Push Yourself To Achieve Level 1-Level 4 Success in 1-2 Years!

Level 1: Success Foundation

A successful life relies on a positive mindset, habits, skills, attitudes, and beliefs.

Level 2: Personal Success

Personal perspectives significantly impact career accomplishments, growth and success

Level 3: Career Success

Career success is an ongoing journey with new growth opportunities every day.

Level 4: Professional Success

Job satisfaction impacts professional success; enjoyable activities improve wellbeing.

You Must Master The 10 Levels of Success

Step-by-Step No Matter What.

#1 Goal and Mastery @ each Level of Success

In uncovering the role of goal setting and the element of mystery in achieving success, unraveling the essence of ambition is key. Embracing the unknown allows for dynamic progress, for each level of success comes with its own set of enigmas.

Learn More

Triad of Success

Level 1: Build a Strong Foundation. How? Master the Triad: Self-Motivation, Self-Affirmation, and Build New Success Habits!

Growth Mindset

Level 2: Develop Growth Mindset Mastery and eventually evolve yourself into 10X Visionary Mindset.

10X Careers

You must find the 10X careers that you love doing for a living. How? You must first discover your purpose, find your passion, and create profits out of your innovation.

10X Growth

Level 4: Achieve the highest level of Professional Success in your field of interest. How? Reach 10X Growth by doing what you love doing the best that’s extremely valuable to society.

10X Entrepreneur

Learn to Disrupt the Market. Create a Disruptive Innovation – a product or service using the technology that has unlimited potential to grow.

10X Income

Level 6: Achieve Financial Success by mastering how to create multiple sources of income including passive income opportunities to achieve 10X Income.

How VPA Can Transform Your Life?

VPA Model is based on the 10 building blocks of the Laws of Success.

The #1 – Mindset Matters

Develop Growth Mindset

Most people in this world make a conscious decision to live in a comfort zone of their own making.  This zone is a place that is homogenous, routine, and secure.  It is easy to be like everyone else as it helps keep fear at bay.  Yet it also has a tendency to create dullness, and boredom, where people merely exist.  Over time people may feel a sense of regret as though time is running out and they no longer have the opportunity to reach for their dreams.

That small remainder of people, called “the 2%”, pursue their dreams, and ultimately, their Vision with confidence and excitement. They choose happiness and fulfillment over comfort and safety. Only 2% of the population gets the most out of life by exploring new things and embracing the unknown. True Visionaries have developed this mindset to attain everything they set their mind to. Developing a Growth Mindset is not enough in this day and age, you must eventually develop a Visionary Mindset. Start thinking like the 2% of the population, and you’ll see yourself be a part of them in 5-7 years.

#2 Mastermind

Find Mentors & Advisors

A Mastermind is a group of people who have agreed to meet frequently to share their experience in a confidential environment so that each participant can advance quicker and better by using the group's common expertise to tackle problems with greater success. When you are in the right group of masterminds, there will be a range of perspectives and ways to look at issues. This ensures that you can discover new ways to fix the problems you are concerned with and new ways to be better at what you are doing.

#3 Find Your Purpose

Find your passion and drive

Having a purpose gives you stability and a sense of direction, even when things go wrong and it feels like everything is going wrong. Because of this, finding purpose is essential to living a happy, fulfilling life.

#4 Success HabIts

Break Old, Build New Habits

These behaviours also include other successful people's habits, including living purposefully, acting, not wasting time, and being results- or goal-driven. You can discover your purpose and use it to direct your career by regularly setting and achieving both small and large goals.

#5 Balance Life

Balance SIX Pillars of Life

Achieving your best possible health in all facets of your life—including relationships, job, exercise, health, and emotional happiness—is what balanced living entails. We all neglect to carve out time for ourselves because we are so preoccupied with job and family obligations.

#6 Innovation

Choose Innovative Career

The inventive process entails turning an idea into valuable products or services. Innovative business practices may boost a company's competitive advantage and make items or services seem more enticing to customers.

#7 Set Goals

Desires to Top 5 Goals

Setting goals is a highly effective method for imagining your ideal future and inspiring yourself to make your dreams come true. You may decide where you want to go in life by creating goals.

#8 Inspire Big Vision

Create a Vig Vision for Life

Customers and employees are motivated to work towards company objectives when the company's vision is clear. This is a result of inspired personnel drawing in clients, who then bring in more clients. This series of creative ideas helps the company accomplish its goals.

#9 Design a Plan

Create a workable plan

A design plan is a sketch or outline created for the goal of building construction, alteration, demolition, relocation, usage, or reuse. It includes all relevant dimensions, material symbols, and functions of the building that are sufficient for the intended use.

#10 Take Action

Take Massive Action

By embracing action-driven decision-making, we increase our ability to make wiser decisions and produce the results we want. By acting, we can get practical insights, avoid analysis paralysis, learn from mistakes, and increase our confidence in our decision-making skills.

Success Takes Time and Efforts!

There are no shortcuts to Success!

Nothing Comes Easy! So Are You Ready?

ShaanKaye’s Success Story

– Lifelong Legacy: Built an Accredited CalUniversity in 10 Years.
– Funded 100+ Startups: Raised over $100 Million in Venture Capital.

Claire BiancoMaster Chef at Salient

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Are You To Ready Get Started?
Find Out How To Generate Cashflow ASAP!

Learn2Earn Millions is the modern version of the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ program of the 21st Century.

Step #1 Signup Now! Become a Elite Partner

Get Instant Access to Courses and ALL the Goodies...

By becoming an Elite Partner, you get instant access to a potpourri of courses. These aren't ordinary courses. They are handcrafted by industry titans who distil their wisdom into these nuggets that can propel your career to an all-time high.

Step #2 Join SK Mastermind

Get Elite Access to Private Group

Joining SK Master Mind isn't just about access; it's about belonging to a unique circle of masterminds, a haven of experts in various fields. As an SK Master Mind member, you're not just part of the crowd—you're among the elite.

#3 Become a Certified Success Coach

Receive Multi-Level Certification & Recognition

Success coaching empowers individuals by helping them reach their full potential, requiring commitment, knowledge, and certification. This article outlines the process for certification and lifelong learning.

Your #1 Task – Sign-up! Today!

Receive $10,000 Worth of Books, Videos, Training Materials, and Franchise License (Zero Down)

To Launch Your Startup!

Bring Success Institute To Your City / Town! 

Most people in this world make a conscious decision to live in a comfort zone of their own making.  This zone is a place that is homogenous, routine, and secure.  It is easy to be like everyone else as it helps keep fear at bay.  Yet it also has a tendency to create dullness, and boredom, where people merely exist.  Over time people may feel a sense of regret as though time is running out and they no longer have the opportunity to reach for their dreams.

That small remainder of people, called “the 2%”, pursue their dreams, and ultimately, their Vision with confidence and excitement. They choose happiness and fulfillment over comfort and safety. Only 2% of the population gets the most out of life by exploring new things and embracing the unknown. True Visionaries have developed this mindset to attain everything they set their mind to. Developing a Growth Mindset is not enough in this day and age, you must eventually develop a Visionary Mindset. Start thinking like the 2% of the population, and you’ll see yourself be a part of them in 5-7 years.

Step #4 - Become a Lifetime Member

Join ACE Network for Free!

Becoming a lifetime member is certainly a decision that you will never regret. With the right platform like ACE Network and the endless benefits and opportunities it entails, this is unquestionably an offer too tempting to turn down.

Step #5 - Apply for Best Entrepreneur Awards 2022

Get Certified and Be Recognized

Proving your knowledge and competence is key. The mark of a dependable entrepreneur is earning respect from peers and clients. Establish trust through transparency, consistency, and accessibility, as every successful venture is rooted in trust.

Step #6 - Become a Chapter President

Start a ACE Chapter in Your City!

Leading an ASE chapter in your city can be the best option for you if improving your community is your goal. Being a chapter president involves more than just giving directives; it also calls for humility, empathy, leadership, and effective communication.

What You Get When You Sign-Up for $99

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The 9 Amazing Goodies Worth $4950/- plus

  1. Learn2Earn Millions Book and Video Courses $499
  2. Become a 10X Visionary: VPA Handbook and Video Courses $997
  3. The Vision Planner (Print and Digital) and Video Courses $499
  4. Top 20 Leadership Qualities – Video Series $199
  5. Top 20 Entrepreneurship Traits – Video Series $199
  6. How To Balance Six Pillars of Life – Video Series $199
  7. Receive ACE Member Certificate (lifetime) $499
  8. Receive Chapter President Certificate (Must Qualify) $997
  9. Receive “Certified VPA Trainer” Certificate for $997
  10. BONUS: 10 Ebooks & Video Courses on Digital Marketing for $997

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#1 - Download Books and Courses

Access Learn2Earn Course

Sign in to Learn2Earn's website using your login details. Explore various courses and books, including history and programming, to spark intellectual curiosity. Choose your preferred course or book to start exploring. The platform prides itself on a varied range of meticulously selected resources.

#2 - Download Books & Courses

Access Vision Plan Action

Planning is crucial for an effective approach to learning and development. It requires scheduling regular learning hours, determining the learning rate, and frequent revision of the course material. For example, your plan could include reading a chapter, practicing vocabulary, and applying the learned skills in real-life situations.

#3 - Receive The Vision Planner

You Will Receive A Printed Planner ASAP!

The trend of maintaining diaries and planners isn't new. However, the format has evolved over the years, shifting from traditional handwritten ones to digital platforms. But, even in this tech-driven world, nothing beats the feeling of holding a physical planner and jotting down your thoughts, ideas, and plans. The Vision Planner helps people become millionaires.

#4 - Top 20 Qualities of Leadearship

Access Video Series

A great leader should have a clear vision, be decisive, possess emotional intelligence, be passionate and adaptable, encourage an ethical culture, instill confidence, inspire motivation, communicate effectively, and be a team-builder. They must be ethical and inspire their team members to achieve success.

#5 - Top 20 Traits of Entrepreneurs

Access Video Series

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#6 - Balance Six Pillars of Life

Access Video Series

Focuses on the six pillars of life: Physical Health, Emotional Well-being, Financial Stability, Productive Work, Constructive Relationships, and Spiritual Growth. The series explains each pillar in detail, highlighting their importance to our well-being and emphasizing the need to create equilibrium among these components for overall life balance.

#7 - Premium ACE Membership

Lifetime Entrepreneur Member

A Premium ACE Membership is the modern visionary's life-saving tool. It is your passport to comprehending the ideas and methods of successful entrepreneurship. At events that are exclusive to Premium ACE Members, you may network with genuine industry leaders. The Power of Premium ACE Membership: Your Pathway to Success

#8 - Become a Chapter President

Grow Your Business Network

Becoming a chapter president is like taking on a new adventure. It entails leading and managing a chapter in your industry, sector, or non-profit organisation. It's a step towards showing the world your leadership qualities while fostering new connections; it's a circle that never ends.

#9 - SKU Certificate of Completion

Become a Certified VPA Trainer

The SKU Certificate of Completion is not just a piece of paper; it's hailed as the ultimate badge of honour for people who want to stand out from the crowd. It demonstrates your expertise, authority, and dedication to the field. Begin with an application, finish the training program, demonstrate your mastery, and voila! The SKU Certificate of Completion is yours.

Don't wait any longer, take control of your life today!

Refund Policy: Total satisfaction guaranteed and 100% refund within 7 days if cancelled immediately within 24 Hours.

Hear What Experts Say!

I like it, I love it, I enjoy using it every day!
– Gina Ramsay, Fiverr Expert Seller & Solopreneur

Vision Plan Action (VPA Planner) is the way of life. It won't say it's good but I'd prefer to say its absolutely great and an excellent piece of work for Visionary's and Entrepreneurs like me...Big fan and love your commitment to quality SK.

Katrina WashingtonFounder & CEO of Green Jamba Juice

Simply the best planner and excellent 100X productivity tool for me and my team. VPA works best for my employees, managers and management team. Love the packaging and design!

Spencer BrownPresident & CEO, Rent a Green Box

Arnold Schwarzenegger

About Vision

When your vision is powerful enough, everything else falls into place: how you live your life, your workouts, what friends you choose to hang out with, how you eat, and what you do for fun. Vision is purpose, and when your purpose is clear, so are your life choices. Vision creates faith, and faith creates willpower. With faith, there is no anxiety, no doubt - just absolute confidence.

Oprah Winfrey

The power of belief

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe


About Vision and Goals

Spend some time getting to know yourself and what you want in life. If you could seek something new right now, what would it be? If you don’t reflect on the vision for your life, become self-aware, and gain some direction, then you will not move from where you are.

Will Smith


You have to create something in a way that has direction, that has vision, and then your partner will take it and figure out whatever their expertise is.

Grant Cardone

Success is your duty

Average is a failing plan! Average doesn't work in any area of life. Anything that you give only average amounts of attention to will start to subside and eventually cease to exist. Success tends to bless those who are most committed to giving it the most attention.

Tony Robbins

About Vision, Goals, Action

It’s not about the goal. It’s about growing to become the person who can accomplish that goal.
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